Charcoal & Biochar


Finished charcoal bags
Finished charcoal bags

Quality charcoal produced in our woodlands. Bags are sold by volume 15 Litres in a 2ply paper sack. Sold by volume due to variability of weight due to species and moisture content.

There are many, many reasons why this charcoal is better than imported stuff.

  • Easy to light, no lighter fuel required.
  • Gets up to heat quicker.
  • Supports your local coppice workers
  • Promotes good management of local woodlands, thereby supporting great biodiversity in your local area. 
  • Not transported from the other side of the world.  

Now available at

Vale Stables ,

Grove Lane, Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 4

Redhall Nurseries

Red Hall Plant Nursery, Red Hall Estate, Red Hall Lane, LS17 8NB

Or direct from us £7 a bag,  or 10+ bags, £5 a bag. Just get in contact.

Biochar soil improver.

Black gold! Before the widespread use of peat charcoal fines were used to retain moisture and lock in nutrients into the soil. Price £7 for a 25 Litre bag,  just get in contact.