Garden and Allotment products now available!

Time to get excited about bean poles!

Yes spring is stirring and the sunshine has people heading for the allotment and gardens again.. If your growing beans and peas we have superb bean poles and peas sticks available for sale. By using these bean poles instead of imported garden canes you are supporting the restoration and continued management of local coppice woodlands. These woodlands support a huge variety of wildlife, provide much needed rural employment and keep traditional skills alive.

We are offering bulk discounts on these products because it makes sense to deliver many bundles at once if possible. So if your on a allotment maybe group together with other allotment holders and buy in bulk, saving some money at the same time.

Beanpole/ Peastick Prices (7ft+ long, pointed with 10 in a bundle)

1-9 bundles, £7 per bundle
10-24 bundles, £6 per bundle
25+ bundles, £5 per bundle

Dont forget its national beanpole week too 11-19th April.

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