Quality coppice products from local woodlands.

Bean Poles and Pea Sticks available direct from us, just get in contact.

Bean Poles (bundles of 10)  

Our bean poles are cut from local woodlands in a traditional form of woodland
managment known as coppicing. Britain lost 90% of its coppice woodlands in
the 20th century and so by using bean poles you are supporting the restoration
and care of an incredibly rich wildlife habitat, supporting rural jobs and keeping
many ancient skills and traditions alive. In addition they look great and provide
allot more grip for your beans than imported canes.

Prices (7ft+ long, pointed with 10 in a bundle)

1-9 bundles, £10 per bundle
10-24 bundles, £8 per bundle
25+ bundles, £7 per bundle

Beanpole bundles
Beanpole bundles 

Pea Sticks (bundles of 10)

Hazel pea sticks are brilliant for your peas, being naturally grippy and spreading
there is plenty of room for your beans to grow.

Prices (5ft tall, 10 in a bundle)

1-9 bundles, £10 per bundle
10-24 bundles, £8 per bundle

Peastick Bundles
Peastick Bundles

Hedging stakes (bundles of 10)

hedging stakes

  • 5ft unpointed – £6
  • 5ft pointed – £8

Hurdle rods (bundles of 20)

Hurdle rods
Hurdle rods
  • Weaving rods 0.5- 1.25″ 8ft+ (20 per bundle) – £15
  • Splitting rods 1.25″-2.25″ 8ft+ (10 per bundle) – £10

Straw bale pins

  • £7 for 10
Straw bale pins
Straw bale pins

Tree Stakes

  • 2-3″ x 6ft+ £3.50 unpointed or £4.00 pointed

Yurt Poles

  • £2  -£3 each depending on size, hazel or ash depending on availablilty.

Clothes line props

  • £4 each


  • Made to order, get in contact to discuss specification

Walking sticks

  • If you require good quality walking stick blanks please get in contact


We supply well seasoned (2+ years) local firewood from our sites. The species mix is variable depending on each site but is all hardwood good quality firewood. Demand is very high so in order to guarantee supply please consider our ‘woodstock‘ scheme.


Finished charcoal bags
Finished charcoal bags

Quality charcoal produced in our woodlands. Bags are sold by volume 20 Litres in a 2ply paper sack. Sold by volume due to variability of weight due to species and moisture content.

There are many, many reasons why this charcoal is better than imported stuff.

  • Easy to light, no lighter fuel required.
  • Gets up to heat quicker.
  • Supports your local coppice workers
  • Promotes good management of local woodlands, thereby supporting great biodiversity in your local area. 
  • Not transported from the other side of the world.  

Now available at

Vale Stables ,

Grove Lane, Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 4

Redhall Nurseries

Red Hall Plant Nursery, Red Hall Estate, Red Hall Lane, LS17 8NB


Please note our stockists set their own prices.

Buy direct from us £7 a bag, wholesale prices available for large orders (20+ bags). Just get in contact.

Biochar soil improver.

Black gold! Before the widespread use of peat charcoal fines were used to retain moisture and lock in nutrients into the soil.

£7 for a 30 Litre bag