Coppicing is GO!


For the last few weeks Leeds Coppice Workers have been out coppicing at Townclose Hills. Unusually for the Leeds area these woods are in-rotation coppice. This means that they were cut 8-9 years ago and so the material is a good size for many of the coppice products we supply, such as bean poles/ hedging stakes/ pea sticks/ hurdle rods. As part of our long term commitment to improving the quality of the woodland we are doing lots of layering of stools to improve the density of trees. This is the traditional approach to tree propagation and is a very successful way of getting new trees from the existing stock within the wood. So no need to non local seed or plant nurseries.

Last years cut has regrown brilliantly with pretty much no animal browsing. This is great news for the future because were already getting excited about cutting it again in 8 years time!

If anybody is interested in getting involved volunteering just get in contact